Saturday, January 14, 2012

Great Link about PTSD/EMDR and past abuse

Post Traumatic Stress: what it is (biology), what makes it worse and what helps it heal.

HUGE shout out of thanks to Cindy Kunsman for posting this!  Girlfriend, you are doing so much good in the world.   You teach us so much about our brains and why we experience so much pain from spiritual and emotional abuse.  I can't thank you enough for your web site.  You have blessed more people than you will ever know.  Stay strong sister, and know you are very dearly loved!


  1. Go ahead. Make me cry. (I needed the release, though, after being preoccupied with the sad subject matter.)

    May all people wounded people find the liberty of healing from trauma! May there be fewer and fewer who suffer heartbreak at the hands of the Pharisees.

  2. Just adore your posts, Shadowspring! thankyou for being so real, raw and vulnerable.
    I was watching a dr. talk about ptsd and it can cause children ptsd in the fear that is drilled in children. Very interesting.
    I can so relate to your thoughts and all you share of your story. Thankyou.

    1. Aw, thanks! I am glad you can relate, because it makes me feel understood, and at the same time sad that you can relate, because it means you have experienced some of the same stuff. (((Amy)))


    Just the first couple of minutes of this video, where a former soldier talks about waking up in Iraq, gave me a new empathy for my missionary kid husband. I'm sure it was much the same: six year old kid, dropped off and left alone (Did I mention he was only SIX? His brother got dropped off at FIVE yrs old!), dreams of being back at home where everything was familiar, where he was one of four children in a home (all related)who got to spend time together and play with each other.

    But no, he's still in the "Little House", now one of twenty in a dorm, with strangers insisting on being called "aunt" and "uncle" telling him what to do and when to do it. His brothers are in different dorms and they are discouraged from spending time together. This young, confused soul is alone, aching inside from the rejection and yet is ridiculed by young and old alike when he shows it.

    Until this video, though I knew the abandonment caused trauma for my husband, I didn't really "get" it. This soldier was able to put into words what the six year old can't.

    Cindy's video links and article helped me to better understand my twin sister, and many of the comments she has made over the years. It all makes so much more sense now.

  4. this is one of my most favorite post by Cindy! Great post!!!

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