Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My husband is outside playing basketball with our six year old neighbor kid.  It is so sweet to watch.  I think every smile on that little one's face brings a bit more healing to my husband's heart.  It makes me very happy to watch.



  1. Good! I've been thinking about him lately.

  2. Things are much improved. EMDR is finally showing signs of real progress. Also, not going to church has really helped. When haven't hit a real test yet- he hides anything his parents might shame him over still. That will be rough the first time, no doubt.

    You know how fundies are: no one talks to him now, we just get Christmas letters, fundraising appeals from the one in "ministry" and demands to appear at family functions on occasion. No one knows him or cares to know him. Everyone is hiding their own secrets, I guess.

    But, once it leaks out that he is breaking the rules by not going to church, or that our daughter smokes or is about to move in with her boyfriend, then he will be contacted.

    It will either be: expressions of sympathy for his wayward children/promises to pray OR

    letter full of scripture about what he should be doing to stop this waywardness OR

    even greater isolation, as his presence will still be demanded at family functions but no one will offer more than a few minutes small talk.

    Oh, wait, it's already like that (#3)! I don't know they will be able to escalate the shunning from the "ministry" brother. It's already set on high.

    LOL I used to be the family member who made it my business to talk to the damned at family functions. Now, in their minds, I am the designated damned. It's so funny. And so sad.

    Once one is on the outside of fundamentalism looking in, the absurdities and the contradictions are so apparent. But when you are in it all the way, you feel so special, one of God's favorites. It's like being a spiritual marine: one the few, the proud, the fundamentalist.

    Of course in reality marines are called bullet-sponges by the other forces. Marines, more than any other branch of service, face a pretty high likelihood of seeing the worst of combat. That's why the appeal to those with low self-esteem to be part of an elite is so successful. The ones who respond don't value their lives that highly anyway, and they so need something to feel good about themselves, having been beaten down by life, parents, peers, etc.

    But we are escaping. Funny how you can only get yourself out, and hope to inspire others to follow.

    Thanks for being happy for us! <3