Monday, January 17, 2011

Boring is Good

I want to quickly update my readers, especially those with a personal interest in how things are working out in my marriage and family. Things are going very smoothly. It is positively drama-free around here, which I think is wonderful.=)

I am continuing in EMDR therapy with great results. I have so much more energy for living now. My classes are interesting and challenging. I am pretty happy these days.

My husband is continuing his EMDR therapy and his antidepressants. Adding the second one into the mix has taken care of some side-effect problems from the first (of a personal *ahem* nature) and we are both happy about that. He smiles all the time now, and has a renewed interest in working out. He is affectionate, kind, loving. I can correct him or make a request without him being resentful. I haven't seen a PAPD flare-up since my last post about one.

My son is doing great. He is loving kick-boxing, Tae Kwan Do and his many friends. I am hoping he will do as well as I do on our mutual courses or even score higher than I do. It's a win-win for me either way. I do worry a little about whether or not he's taking his college courses as serious as he should, since I study a lot more often than he does. But maybe that's just because my middle-aged brain needs the extra effort.

My daughter is thriving in college. She is not making all the same moral choices that I would make, but I love her just the same. Her life is her own now, and I am confident that with Jesus as her Good Shepherd all things will work together for her good in the end. I do my best not to nag or condemn, because after all I could be wrong. And even if I'm not wrong, her life is not my business. My business is to love her unconditionally, and be here if she wants my opinion/advice. And I am not holding my breath on that! LOL

Okay, gotta run. Sorry this entry is so boring. Peace and good will, SS


  1. Boring is excellent news! Love to hear it.

  2. Not boring. Encouraging! Glad to hear things are settling down so nicely.