Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Worth Reading Again

I have a fever, no voice to speak of (haha) and I really shouldn't be on the computer. I just wanted to pre-emptively explain why this blog will remain quiet for a few more days.

So since I won't have any new material for a bit, enjoy one of my favorite former blog posts. I hope that many home school moms, new and experienced, will give it a read. Ciao!

Religion Less Home Schooling


  1. Our family's sick bed staples: chicken soup with lots of garlic and onions (and ginger, chilis, and a grating of horseradish if you can tolerate spicier stuff), raspberry leaf tea, and old sitcoms on the TV. And lots of naps. You will feel better soon, use the time to rest deeply in the Spirit. I knew there was something going on!

  2. {{{hugs}}}
    Get Better Soon!