Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy with school: Forging ahead

Hi friends! School is winding down for this semester, but there is still so much work ahead. Today I am heading to the doctor to draw blood because I have no shot records. I will have to get titers for all I think I've had, and work on ones that weren't required back in the 70s when I went to school. Then there is always more to do, so say a prayer for me when you think of me. I must keep pushing on if I am to be self-supporting by the time my son goes off to college.

Peace and good will, SS


  1. Oh, such fun. Better you than me! :)

    Still praying. Sending love.

  2. Still feeling it too, Sandra. ((Sandra)) Right back at ya!

  3. you can do it! "you go, girl!" :)