Thursday, January 7, 2010

Moderating Comments

Lately I spend a lot of time in cyberspace following the blogs of home school graduates who have had poor experiences to strict patriarchal fundamentalist home school philosophies. My heart goes out to these brave young woman who have found the courage to take back the gift of life that is rightfully theirs to live. I am both proud of these women, and horrified at the damage done to them by an extremist Christian home school agenda.

That is the reason I announced at the beginning that I would be moderating comments. I feared that people might actually read my blog and be offended by my common sense and bias toward liberty. I really can't deal with haters in my life right now, so I though moderating comments would be the way to go.

Fortunately, no one is actually reading my blog! :)
Maybe that is a temporary thing yet, but maybe it will always be that way. Since I write to get my ideas out there for personal reasons, that is just fine with me. Maybe even best for me, who knows?

Additionally, I recently read one woman's blog wherein she wrote that comment moderation is a bad thing, akin to censorship. Censorship is all about controlling access to information, and is not at all promoting liberty. Since reading this woman's insights, I decided to stop moderating comments in honor of liberty.

So,comment moderation is off. Long live liberty!


  1. I'm reading! Somehow I had only seen your December post, though. Now I'm caught up. Keep up the good work!

  2. I am reading too (while I do not homeschool, I know many people who do). Keep in mind that people who have negative experiences with anything, be it medicine, the legal system, business, or any other area of life are more likely to post their experiences on the internet than those who have good experiences. So, while there is great value in understanding such experiences (and I am learning much from your blog!) and they do indicate the types of things that actually happen, they are not indicative of how often such negative things happen.