Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today I am stunned, shocked, dumbfounded, amazed, incredulous.

I found another new blog today, written by yet another escapee from a strict control-freak religious home school environment. My heart is scraped raw. How many precious hurting people are out there?

How did this happen? This is not what home schooling was all about when I started. It is not what Christianity is all about as I understand it. It is certainly not healthy parenting as I understand it or ever saw it practiced.

I am angry.

I was merely irritated with the religious nutjobs who are ruining the reputation of home schooling. Now those stupid magazines are not just annoying, they are infuriating.

I know in a free country we will always have people that abuse that freedom. It's inevitable.

But these people are abusing more than just freedom. They are abusing their children. And that is just not acceptable.

Nope, that is not acceptable at all.

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