Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quivering Daughters

Quivering Daughters website

I am busy devouring my copy of Quivering Daughters. It just came in the mail today. I only put it down to do my daughter's laundry and get her room ready for her homecoming this weekend.

Even though I am not QF, and I have only read four chapters so far, I feel it is already making me a better parent. It is so eye-opening to read about these family relationships from the perspective of a teenager (the book includes journal entries from the journal the author kept during her teen years).

Kudos to Hillary for the courage, perseverance and sacrifice it took to bring this book to print. She is so transparent, humble, vulnerable in her writing- it makes me want to bring her a warm blanket and a hot cocoa and pull her up on my lap in a rocking chair. Crazy, I know! It's a heat index over 100 degrees Farenhiet outside! 0.0

Brace yourself, friend, for the feedback! This book is sure to stir up much discussion in the home school world. I am right now wondering where I am going to get the money for the multiple copies I would like to purchase as gifts. It is that good.

Well, back to the book, er, laundry and cleaning. (Aw, we all know the book will win out over housework, Who am I trying to kid here? =)

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