Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Getting Better....

My hand is healing up, and so I hope to be back to personal blogging soon. I can't spend a whole lot of time typing yet, but I am bursting to share good news with the people who care- and to let you know how very precious your love is to me!

Things are working out very well with this therapist, in spite of the bad session we had when my therapist was in "relationship/communications therapist" mode instead of "EMDR therapist" mode. She was extremely apologetic when I explained to her how I felt after that session, and has recommitted her mind to being a personal therapist and not a couples therapist. I can and do trust her, and that is one good thing I have to report.

Another: EMDR works and is working, but a word of caution- don't try to rush through any of the steps! I had a hairy scary day last week because I wanted to hurry and get this process over with, and my therapist wisely let me be in charge of the process. I must admit it was not the best decision on my part, but experience is a great teacher. I am a humble tigger now, more than willing to take her advise about how to proceed and at what pace, and not eager to "get it over with" anymore. LOL

A third, only one minor PTSD episode on my husband's part since I last posted. I am so proud of the way I handled it, walking away, not trying to convince him to be reasonable or kind or well...anything. The bad part of that is that at the time, I was totally emotionally detached from him- good for my well being at the moment, bad for our marriage. But once he did get out of it, and humbled himself, my compassion and good will recovered fairly quickly. I do love the man, he is one of the best friends I have ever had. As long as he remembers that *I* am the best friend he has ever had, we'll be fine. ;)

Fourth good thing, my daughter is doing great! We are still praying about a scholarship that should be hers but might have disappeared in this horrendous economy, so that is a delayed hope. BUT I know God will provide in some way or another. She is loving college, loving her life, and she had a date last night with a guy who sounds like he walked out of a Dee Henderson novel. I am so happy for her!

My son is also making some serious progress in life, growing and maturing in love, learning and liberty. I am pleased as punch with him. He just applied for a job, on his own initiative, and though there is serious competition, I think he has a good chance. n_n The school year starts tomorrow, and he has goals, ambitions, dreams- all the things a healthy happy teenager should have. When I was his age I had hopelessness, addictions and heartache. It delights me that my son will never know that kind of pain! =D

I also adore his girlfriend, who could be labeled in many, many ways depending on the one assigning labels- compassionate, consistent, open-hearted, eager learner, morally upright, straight edge, intelligent, guileless- those are some of the labels I would assign. She is not a Christian, but then she is not against it either. If she ever does become a Christ follower, it will be only because she has had a living encounter with a Living God. I like that. :) I pray for that. That would be just like God to work out, too.

Even my little dog is doing well this week! Her back problems seem to have cleared up and she is back to spreading joy and enthusiasm every where she goes in an effort to get someone- anyone- to throw her toy. If successful, she just as enthusiastically tries to get them to DO IT AGAIN! LOL

So I will follow her lead, and jump up from the computer with my best smile, and go see what joy I can wring out of the day. Peace and good will to all. SS


  1. glad to see you back online. I've missed your words. And so happy to hear of so much good that has ensued in your virtual silence (I mean "during" not "because of", of course).

  2. Glad things are going so well. Try not to type everything you've been storing up at once - take care of that hand!