Saturday, May 22, 2010

Doctrine over person

Fitting the Rigid Mold (Pg 109, Martin's summary)
Doctrine Over Person consists of fitting everything under the leader’s dominating control into a pre-concieved mold. This involves:

· Human experience and the interpretation of those experiences.

· Human feelings and the interpretation of those feelings.

· Disregarding one’s feelings or sensitivities.

· No appreciation of someone’s talents, individuality or creativity; the only goal is to fit everyone and their personalities into the dominating vies and influence of the one in control, opposing diversity and individual differences.

· The rigidity of the doctrinal mold resists adaptation even when adaptation may prove to be best.

· The rewriting of history to fit the system of the doctrinal mold.

Stating it another way, the controller reinterprets the personal feelings and experiences of the group members to fit his own dominating views and influence. He disregards and remolds past events, individual differences and capabilities to fit his own preconceived mold. In essence, the controller rejects everything that does not fit into his preconceived mold or framework.

from Under Much Grace


  1. Ouch!!

    Yanno, there's been a lot of that "reinterpreting of others expressed views to fit their own mold" ending in the "dispensing of existence" of the offending party done at TW over the years, although this most recent bout was the most abrupt that I can remember.

    Seems like there used to be a collective PMS fest about every 3 months or so over some comment a has-been-regular-commenter-so-everyone-should-know-better makes. Like Cynthia Gee & the '08 election cycle, or when Molly Aley got run out by Karen & Lin particularly, for expressing things very similar to what you wound up saying (or was it Savannah?) recently.

    "I've been burned, I've been lied to about Scripture, so I'm asking questions. I've questioning everything. But it's OK, because God is big enough to handle questions." The little "women discerning truth in a post-modern, relativistic world" (Jan 22, '09) post went up *right* after Molly made her farewell post. That's when I quit reading TW completely.

    I didn't quit because I'm emergent & emergents aren't wanted; I quit because I got tired of seeing wounded, hurting people getting shot. Since when is it OK to run the victims out of town? Why do we only feel safe if all the questioners get shot?

    If your God isn't big enough to handle questions, why follow Him? Or as my pastor recently said "a faith that can't be tested, is a faith can't be trusted." Ironic that he said it that way, since he's rather an advocate of "sheltering your kids from the world" and has a huge flip-out any time one of the teens from church acts in a manner as to indicate they *might* be *thinking* about asking a question, LOL. I laugh, but it's sad really. Anyway...

    Sorry I'm rambling. And I'm really sorry to find out yet another sister in Christ has been thrown under the TW bus for expressing a less than popular view of a sacred cow. Wouldn't it be better to enjoy a good steak together? The cow's been well fed....

  2. Delightful imagery! It would be a lovely feast, preferably pool-side. We could enjoy some of that "wine to make glad the heart of men" stuff that Jesus serves. =)

    Sorry to hear you have also been discarded. Makes me think of the last song on Pink Floyd's The Wall album. Once you've been tossed outside, you make the acquaintance of some fine people wandering about out there...=)