Thursday, May 13, 2010

Turning a corner?

Just a quick update about my typically crappy home school marriage on its journey to the REAL Christian union of mutual support, affection and honoring one another it was meant to be....

Simply being validated that missionary kid abandonment at the age of six is a major trauma seems to have helped my man tremendously.

The incredulity of all outside of the fundamentalist missionary world is very affirming to him. NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD would send a six year old child to boarding school unless they were facing war and genocide if they stayed, or they were narcissist party people of the rich and famous.

No one else.

Hearing from so many people that he deserved to be loved and cherished, and that God certainly did not require so much sacrifice from such a young child in order to be pleased or to accomplish his will in the earth, this has really soothed his heart.

He has not actually started the EMDR yet, but just knowing it will help has helped him relax. Also, finding out just how emotionally unhealthy it was of his family to forbid strong emotion and live so superficially has really helped him to see that he is not defective for having feelings (nor is his wife!) and that he need not feel guilty about it anymore.

Also he does not have to blame anyone around him for "making" him feel a certain (bad) way, because feelings aren't bad. They just are.

I will take this post down later today, but I wanted to share this good news. =)

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