Saturday, May 22, 2010

A whole week with no computer

Yes, there is life without internet.

I have been at the beach for a week, and I did not take my laptop. The other three family members monopolized the only computer we brought with us, so I mostly enjoyed a net free life. I did bring my brand new nook with me though, so I can't say it was an electronic free life. It came pretty close, though.

I return refreshed, relaxed and ready to write some more. As soon as the laundry is done, that is. So, tomorrow?

Peace and love to anyone still bothering to read here. The Lord Jesus loves you and me with an everlasting love. His mercies never fail. They truly are new every morning. And there is no end to His faithfulness. We can relax, because He is for us, and that is all we ever needed anyway.


  1. " brand new nook..."

    Your what? I thought it was a type meaning book but obviously not if it kept you from an electronic-free vacay.

    Glad you're feeling refreshed and renewed.

  2. I wondered where you were! Welcome back. :-)

  3. A nook is the electronic reader put out by Barnes and Noble, a competitor to the kindle put out by Amazon. =)

    In one way it is a much cheaper and limited version of an iPad, if you will. Sort of like the original word processors were marketed as a distinct unit, before they were replaced by word processing programs on a personal computer. An iPad can hold a book reader and a word processor, web search engine, etc. But with my limited funds, I went for the nook instead. ;)

    My nook will hold up to 1500 books at present. And since airlines charge for luggage by weight these days, my usual tactic of throwing three or four new books in a suitcase for a week's vacation seemed pricey. Now I can purchase many of the books I want to download and carry it on in my purse, safely loaded onto my nook.

    And yes, it was so nice to be in an alternate reality aka beach vacation. Really nice. Really really nice. =)

  4. Welcome back, Shadowspring! I am very happy that you are rejuvenated and refreshed by your time away. Glad, too, that you are enjoying your Nook. I received a Kindle2 for my birthday last year (just over a year ago), and I have 130 books on it so far (which doesn't count the actual books I read - LOL). Hope you enjoy your e-reader as much as I've obviously enjoyed mine!